PPSS High Vis Stab Vest (KR1 SP1)

  • High Visibility Body Armour
  • Certified to Latest Home Office Standard
  • Back Face Trauma Certification
  • Carbon Fibre Armour Shell
  • 75 Kilograms (Large)
  • High Visibility Nylon Carrier
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Reflective Strips
  • KlickFast Docking Stations
  • Workman’s Pockets
  • 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Panel Replacement Policy
  • Made in the United Kingdom
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£600.00 (Incl.VAT)

Certified_Icon Certified to the Latest Home Office Standard
The PPSS High Vis Stab Vest has been certified to the UK Home Office’s CAST 2017 standard. It has been awarded the KR1 SP1 protection level which offers a high level of protection against slash, cut, knife and spike damage. The CAST 2017 standard is the most recent guidance issued by the Home Office.
Blunt Force Trauma Icon Back Face Trauma Certification
Back Face Trauma, also known as Blunt Force Trauma refers to the kinetic energy transferred beyond a protective barrier, and in this case, into the human body. While the home office does take into account back face trauma, it does not have a specific certification for this. The PPSS High Vis Stab vest has received additional certification from the European VPAM and achieved a level W5 which amounts to 100 joules of energy.
Carbon Fibre Icon Carbon Fibre Armour Shell
Unlike Kevlar and Dyneema armours, the PPSS High Vis Stab Vest will not bend or shape with the body. It is made from carbon fibre which is much more rigid than the alternative materials. This means that the armour forms a hard, protective shell around the user that will not bend if struck, offering a higher level of protection against punches and kicks as well as blunt melee weapons.
Carrier Icon High Visibility Nylon Carrier
The PPSS High Vis Stab Vest consists of 2 armour panels and a high-grade, rugged high visibility nylon cover. The cover is bright yellow and can be seen in low-light environments. It also has a ventilating inner lining that helps reduce heat and the build up of sweat.
Adjustable Body Armour Icon Adjustable Straps
Like all PPSS body armour, the High Vis Stab Vest has fully adjustable shoulders and sides which utilise a hook and loop mechanism to keep them secure. This is particularly important for hard armours as there is little room for error with getting the sizing correct.
Reflective icon Reflective Strips
On top of using a high visibility yellow, the PPSS High Vis Stab Vest has a series of light reflective strips that run across the front and back of the armour while also going up towards the shoulders. If the wearer is caught in direct light, they will be easily seen by on coming vehicles or rescue crews.
KlickFast Logo Icon KlickFast Docking Stations
The PPSS High Vis Stab Vest comes with two of Peter Jones’ official KlickFast Docks. The KlickFast Locking System is widely adopted in the UK and is used be police, security, paramedics, prison services and many sectors across the country. It allows you to secure essential equipment in place as well as letting you deploy it quickly. All you need is a compatible male connector attached to the piece of equipment you want to use with it.
Pockets Icon Workman’s Pockets
On the from of the vests’ high vis cover are two workman’s pockets. They are or reasonable depth and volume and can be used to store anything from pens and notebooks to tools and radios. They are made of the same high-grade nylon as the rest of the carrier.
Warranty Icon 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty & Panel Replacement Policy
The PPS Group offers a 6 manufacturers warranty on all of their body armour. This is to cover any issues to do with workmanship such as stitching, tears, and faults. They also have a policy of replacing any armour panels that have been damaged in an incident on-duty. If you provide them with a crime reference number, they will replace the panel for £50 excluding VAT and carriage charges.
Made in Britain Icon Made in the United Kingdom
The PPSS High Vis Stab Vest, along with all PPSS Body Armour, was manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Hand Gun Protection Not Applicable
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2017
Armour Panel Materials Carbon Fibre
Colour Bright Yelow
Cover Materials Nylon
Weight (Size Large) 1.75 Kg (Large)
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
High Vis Strips Yes
Hook and Loop Patches Front and Back
Radio Loops Yes
Equipment Docks 2 KlickFast Compatible Docks
Zip-Front Access Not Applicable
Warranty 6 Months

PPSS Carbon Fibre Body Armour Sizing Chart

How to wear PPSS Armour Video

PPSS Armour Demonstration Video


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