Gold Centry GC-1001 Handheld Security Scanner

  • Low-Cost Handheld Security Scanner
  • Variable Pitch According to Mass
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Decently Sized Search Area
  • 2 Pre-set Sensitivities
  • Audio & Visual Alerts
  • Decent Sensitivity
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Long Battery Life
  • Requires 9V Battery (NOT Included)
  • White Label Product
  • Made in China
  • 6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Garrett_Super_Scanner_Icon Low-Cost Handheld Security Scanner
The Gold Centry GC-1001 Handheld Security Scanner is an interesting device with a couple of distinct features. First is the variable pitch according to mass which lets you know how big/far the metal is. The second is the build quality, which seems to be a step up from normal Chinese security wands. This means that it has a low price for what you get.
Variable Pitch Icon Variable Pitch According to Mass
This handheld security scanner has a unique feature that allows it to emit a higher pitch and louder alert depending on the size or distance of the mass of metal that has been detected. This allows users to home in on where the object might be on the targets body and determine whether it requires further investigation or not.
Stainless Steel Construction Icon Solid Build Quality
The Gold Centry GC-1001 Handheld Security Scanner is well constructed and seems to be more sturdy than other low-cost Chinese security wands. It feels fairly solid in the hand but not too heavy that it would become laboursome using it for long periods.
Wide Detection Area Icon Decently Sized Search Area
This security wand has a respectably sized search area, it is 8.5cm wide and 23 cm long. This allows you to move around the body during a search with ease without being too cumbersome. It is larger than the GC-1002 but not as large as the Garrett Super Scanner V.
Sensitivity Icon 2 Pre-set Sensitivities
The Gold Centry GC-1001 Handheld Security Scanner has 2 sensitivity levels. The first can pick up smaller masses such as an allen key or thin screwdriver at a close distance. This is the standard detection level. By holding the rocker switch down the other way, you can enter a less sensitive mode that will only register larger masses such as a gun or a large knife.
Audiao_Visiual_Vibrating_Detection_Alarm_Icon Audio & Visual Alerts
This handheld security scanner does not have a mute or vibrate function. It has both a visual LED alert as well as an audio alarm which varies depending on the size/distance of the metal. There is an earphone jack built-in should you wish to conduct quieter searches.
Made in China Icon Made in China
This security wand was manufactured by a reputable factory based in mainland China and is distributed globally through local resellers like Interconnective.
Total Length 41.5cm
Total Width 8.5cm (At Widest Point)
Thickness 3cm
Detection Area Length 23cm
Detection Area Width 8.5cm (At Widest Point)
Handle Length 18.5cm
Handle Width 4.5cm
Weight (Excl Battery) 310g
Weight (Incl Battery) 350g
Sensitivity Levels 2 Levels
LED Alarm Yes
Audio Alarm Yes
Vibration Alarm No
Battery 9V Alkaline
Warranty 6 Months

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