Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest (HG1 KR1 SP1)

  • Home Office Certified HG1 + KR1 + SP1
  • Handgun, Cut and Spike Protection
  • Aramid Fibre Construction
  • Flexible Armour Panels
  • Aramid Fibre (Kevlar Armour) Construction
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • Dual Large Pockets on the Front
  • Hidden Secured Zip
  • Internal Cooling Mesh
  • Anti-Sweat Mesh & Support Strap
  • Removeable Epaulettes
  • Made in Britain

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Certified_Icon Home Office Certified HG1 + KR1 + SP1
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest is certified under the Home Office’s HOSDB 2003 standard for bullet, knife and spike resistant armour to an HG1 + KR1 + SP1 level. Sometimes erroneously described as bulletproof body armour, it offers a high level of protection against handgun, slash and spike attacks in accordance with the UK government standards. This means that it defends against common offensive tools such as 9mm calibre guns, knives, screwdrivers, glass and more. Unlike the US’ NIJ standard, the Home Office Standard puts a greater emphasis on back-face trauma which is the kinetic force and its’ effect on internal organs rather than just whether the bullet penetrates the armour.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Aramid Fibre Construction
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest panels are constructed from 18 Layers of Aramid Fibre (also known as Kevlar Armour when branded) with just one layer of other materials. Aramid Fibre is the most expensive material used in body armour due to its’ efficiency at protecting wearers. Many companies combine Aramid with other materials to reduce costs at the expense of protection. This armour does not do this and uses Aramid Fibre almost exclusively.
Flexible Flexible Armour Panels
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest’s armour panels are made from Aramid Fibre  which means that it is much more flexible than soft-steel, carbon fibre or ceramic plate armours. This is important feature for bulletproof body armour to have as users may require their full-range of motion while performing their duties. The kevlar armour is housed in a tough Cordura cover which is both durable and flexible.
Adjustable_Body_Armour_Icon Adjustable Velcro Straps
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest consists of two parts, the front and the back, which are joined by hook and loop (velcro) straps at the sides and shoulders. These can be adjusted to ensure that the armour conforms to tightly to the body.
Pocket_Icon Dual Large Pockets on the Front
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest has two deep, hook and loop(Velcro)-secured utility pockets on the front that can be used to store essential items. They are roughly 14.5cm deep and large enough to hold most mobile phones, notepads and some radios.
Zip_Cion Hidden, Secured Zip
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest has a hidden zip which is secured by a cordura flap. The flap has a layer of velcro which helps keep it sealed when the user exerts themselves. The reason for this is to prevent assailants from simply pulling down the zip during a confrontation and negating the armour’s protection.
Cooling_Icon Anti-Sweat Mesh & Support Strap
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest is lined with a thin mesh that is designed to keep the user cool during the summer months and to reduce sweat build up when involved in physical activity. It also has a lumbar support strap that goes around the body and holds the vest securely in place.
Made_in_the_UK Made in Britain
The Fortis Zip-Front Ballistic Vest is proudly made in Britain by well-known UK manufacturer, Fortis.
Hand Gun Protection HG1
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2003
Armour Panel Materials Aramid, Vinyl
Cover Materials Cordura
Areal Density 6.06kg/m2
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Zip-Front Access Yes
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years
Weight Approximately 3KG (Medium)

Body Armour Measurement Guide

Fortis Stab Vest Instruction Guide User Manual

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