Fortis Overt Stab Vest (KR1 SP1)

  • KR1 + SP1 Home Office Stab Protection Certified
  • Resistant to knife and spike attacks
  • Lightweight Body Armour
  • Aramid Fibre Combo Panels
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps at Shoulders & Sides
  • Moisture Management System
  • Made in the United Kingdom


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Robust KR1 + SP1 Home Office Stab Protection Certified
The Fortis Overt Stab Vest has Home Office KR1 SP1 Certification for protection against stab, cut and spike damage. The Home Office standard is one of the most stringent in the world. It is the measurement scale used by UK Police and Armed Forces when selecting the body armour that they use.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Aramid Fibre Combo Panels
The Fortis Overt Stab Vest uses a combination of aramid fibre, steel cord and nylon which is sealed in thermoplastic to make up its panels. These panels are able to take a significant amount of damage and work to reduce backface trauma while preventing objects from piercing the armour.
Lightweight Body Armour
This lightweight body armour weighs in at about 3KG (based on size Medium) and while not the lightest body armour in the world, it fairs far better than hard armours or those that use plates. Wearers are additionally not overly restricted in their movement as the armour panels can bend with the body.
Adjustable_Body_Armour_Icon Adjustable Velcro Straps at Shoulders and Sides
The Fortis Overt Stab Vest has fully adjustable hook and loops straps on the shoulders and sides which allow wearers to adjust the vest to fit the contours of their body.
Cooling_Icon Moisture Management System
The Fortis Overt Stab Vest was designed not only for utility but also for comfort. Wearing any kind of body armour can get warm quite quickly, this means that if you are not careful, sweat can build up and make the wearer uncomfortable. This model comes with a specially designed inner lining which is made from a fine mesh that prevents the build-up of sweat and cools down the inside of the armour.
Made_in_the_UK Made in the United Kingdom
This lightweight body armour was manufactured by Fortis at their factory in the United Kingdom.
Hand Gun Protection Not Applicable
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2003
Armour Panel Materials Aramid, Vinyl
Cover Materials Cordura
Areal Density 7.0kg/m2
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Zip-Front Access No
Weight Approximately 3KG (Medium)
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years

Body Armour Measurement Guide

Fortis Stab Vest Instruction Guide User Manual

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