Fortis Covert Ballistic Vest (HG1 KR1 SP1)

  • Home Office HG1 + KR1 + SP1 Protection Level
  • Resistant to bullet, knife and spike damage
  • Covert Body Protection
  • Flexible Soft Armour
  • Aramid Fibre Construction
  • Adjustable Shoulders & Sides
  • Internal Cooling Mesh
  • Made in the United Kingdom


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Robust Home Office Certification for Bullet Proof Armour
Often described as bullet proof armour, ballistic vests need to be certified by the UK Home Office in order to be used by public sector agencies. The British standard for handgun, knife and spike protection is called HOSDB HG1 KR1 SP1. The Fortis Covert Ballistic Vest is certified to this level.
Covert_Body_Armour_Icon Covert, Concealable Armour
This vest is designed to be worn under one’s clothing and is one of the best concealable armours on the market. It uses a tight cut with thinner straps to avoid detection and the outer cover is made from a soft yet tough, white polycotton. This means that it is less coarse and causes less irritation when worn against the skin that Cordura or nylon covers.
Aramid_Fibre_Icon Dense Aramid Fibre Panels
When making bullet proof body armour, the industry benchmark is aramid fibre (branded as Kevlar). While more expensive than most other materials used in the construction of body armour, aramid fibre offers the belts results when tested, particularly with regards to back-face trauma. The Fortis Covert Ballistic Vest uses nearly 20 individual layers of this material, tightly bound together for maximum protection
Flexible Manoeuvrable, Minimal Restriction to Movement
While manoeuvrability is important in all bullet proof armour, it is essential in concealable armour. If your aim is to have your vest go undetected, stiff movements and an inability to bend naturally are going to work against you. The Fortis Covert Ballistic Vest is a soft armour which means that it bends naturally with the body and caused minimal restrictions.
Adjustable_Body_Armour_Icon Thin, Concealable, Hook & Loop Straps
While most modern protective vests use adjustable hook & loop straps to ensure a comfortable fit, more attention was needed to ensure that these straps go undetected. Made from comfortable polycotton, these ultra-thin straps can be adjusted to meet the wearer’s requirements and are thin enough to be worn under a t-shirt.
Cooling_Icon Sweat Reduction Layer
Like all body armour from Fortis, the Covert Ballistic Vest has a special layer made from a fine mesh that helps keep the wearer cool and reduce the build up of sweat.
Made_in_the_UK Made in Britain
Fortis produce all of their body armour at their factory which is located in the Midlands of Britain.
Hand Gun Protection HG1
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2003
Armour Panel Materials Aramid, Nylon, Woven Steel Cord
Cover Materials Polycotton
Areal Density  6.06kg/m2
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Covert Yes
Weight Approximately 3KG (Medium)
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 Years

Body Armour Measurement Guide

Fortis Stab Vest Instruction Guide User Manual

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