Elog A21 Personal Body Camera

  • One of the best personal body camera uk models
  • Well-Known Body Camera Shape
  • 1516p Resolution Recording
  • 32GB Storage
  • 2 Inch LCD Screen
  • 40 Megapixel Photos
  • 140° Wide Angle Lens
  • Record Button on the Side
  • Infra-Red with a Range of 10 Metres
  • 3100mHA Rechargeable Battery
  • IP66 Rating
  • H.265 Encoding
  • Common White Label Body Camera
  • Includes dock, USB cable, 2 clips and charger
  • 12 Months Manufacturer‘s Warranty
  • Made in China
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Best personal body camera icon One of the Best Personal Body Cameras with Audio & Video Options
Elog cameras tend to make good personal body cameras as they are not too expensive, they have solid build quality and decent specs. While they lack the pre-requisites for use by professional security teams such as Encryption, they meet the needs for use as a civilian body camera. The A21 is no exception, it is a solid personal body camera uk models with audio and video recording, goods specs and edges over the popular Elog X3 on battery life, durability and photo quality.
Body camera shape icon Well-Known Body Camera Shape
As a White Label camera, the A21 is sold under lots of different brands which means that you may have seen it elsewhere. The shape of the Elog A21 Personal Body Camera is instantly recognisable as it has been a popular model for several years. Elog is constantly updating the hardware inside but the outer casing and shape have stayed the same. It is also important to remember that older A21 bodies may not have updated specifications, so it is important to read the specs carefully.
Screen icon 2 Inch LCD Screen
The Elog A21 Personal Body Camera comes with a 2” LCD screen on the back that allows for instant playback and watching footage on-site. It also allows for the managing of the device’s setting while on the move. This is a useful tool for civilian body cameras but can be problematic for security teams, although you can still set a password to protect the device if you wish.
Decent Battery Life Icon Decent Battery life
The Elog A21 Personal Body Camera comes complete with a 3100 mHA rechargeable battery. It gives the A21 a little more recording time over the X3, able to do 8.5 hours of continuous recording at 1080p or 10 hours at 720p. It takes about 4 hours to fully recharge the battery.
140 Degree Wide Angle Lens Icon 140° Wide Lens Angle
Elog, like The Partner and Pinnacle Response, believes that the optimal lens angle sits at the 140° mark. All of their cameras use this angle as opposed to wider or narrower options as they believe that this offers the best trade-off between maximising the amount of footage captured vs the clarity of the image.
Tamper Resistant Icon Tamper Resistant Design
The A21 Personal Body Camera does not have any removable components and is password protected. The battery and memory are all built-in and cannot be removed or tampered with discreetly.
Infrared night vision icon Infra-Red with a Range of 10 Metres
The A21 Personal Body Camera has a built-in 4M CMOS sensor as well as infra-red functionality that allows it to record footage in greyscale in dark environments. The infra-red lamps will kick-in when the lux levels drop below a preset threshold. This means that this civilian body camera can record audio and video at night.
White Label Icon Common White Label Body Camera
As with all Elog cameras, the A21 is commonly white labelled, or private labelled, under other brand names. There is normally no difference in the actual camera or software between brands with variations largely being down to the box and occasionally what accessories are included with it.
Whats_in_the_box Icon What’s in the box?
The Elog A21 Personal Body Camera comes with one camera, a charging dock, a USB cable, UK charger, a radio loop/epaulette clip, a crocodile clip and an instruction manual.
Made in China Icon Made in China
Elog are a Chinese manufacturer with their headquarters and production in China. They have been producing body cameras for over a decade and are considered a reputable manufacturer.
Length 9.5cm
Width 6cm
Height 3.1cm
Weight 183g
Recording Resolutions 1516p/30fps, 1440p/30fps,1296p/30fps, 1080p 30/fps, 720p/30fps, 480p/30fps
Lens Angle 140°
Recording Time 8.5 Hours/1080p, 10 Hours/720p
Pre-Record 30 Seconds
Sensor 4M CMOS
Video Format MP4
Encoding H.265 / H.264
Photo Size 40M/30M/25M/20M/5M
Battery Size Built-In 3100mAh Battery
Charge Time Approx 4 Hours
Infrared Night Vision 10 Meters
Looped Recording Selectable
Password Protected Yes
Watermark User ID, Time & Date Embedded into Footage
Encrypted No
Storage 32GB
Screen 2 inch TFT LCD Screen
Storage 32GB
USB Cable Included Yes
Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage Humidity 15%~90%
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Connection USB 2.0

Elog A21 Personal Body Camera User Manual

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