Decontamination Kit for Acid Attacks and Chemical Injuries

  • Includes Essential Decontamination Equipment
  • Bottle Shower for Longer Rinsing
  • Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves
  • Martcare Impact Goggles
  • Highly Visible Red Emergency Bag
  • Essential for Modern Venues
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£78.00 (Incl.VAT)

Decontamination_Icon Includes Essential Decontamination Equipment
The Decontamination Kit contains the necessary tools for first responders to acid attacks and chemical irritants. It contains, bottle showers, water bottles, clothing cutters, heavy-duty nitrile gloves and goggles. This Kit is designed for simultaneous use by two technicians.
Bottle_shower_icon Bottle Shower for Longer Rinsing
When rinsing the eyes and face of an individual following an attack, the quantity of water is less important than sustained, extended periods of liquid moving over the surface. When just using a bottle and pouring, the rinsing time is minimal and requires a large supply of water to adequately clean the affected area. By using a bottle shower, the water is distributed evenly over a wider surface and at a slower rate. E.g. One 500ml bottle of water increases from a 6 second rinse time to 36 seconds.
Nitrile_Gloves_Icon Heavy-Duty Nitrile Gloves
The Decontamination Kit includes 2 pairs of heavy-duty nitrile gloves which are designed to be used around corrosive chemicals and will help protect its’ wearer from accidental splash or chemical run-off while treating the victim.
Matcare_Impact_Goggle_Icon Martcare Impact Goggles
2 sets of Martcare Impact Goggles are included with the decontamination kit. Originally designed to be used in high-risk construction and manufacturing environments, these thick, resilient pieces of eyewear not only protect against chemicals and acid but also shrapnel and large flying particles.
Emergency_Bag_Icon Highly Visible Red Emergency Bag
The Decontamination Kit for Acid Attacks and Chemical Injuries comes in a tough, highly-visible bright red hold-all. It is light and easy to carry in the event of emergency deployment as well as having Emergency Kit clearly indicated on the side.
Venues_Icon Essential for Modern Venues
It is unfortunate but in modern times, acid attacks are becoming more and more common with government guidance indicating that most venues need to be aware of this type of threat. The Decontamination Kit is now widely deployed at shopping centres, nightclubs, sports arenas and other recreational facilities around the country. In many cases, even schools have now begun to carry this kind of equipment in the event that an incident does occur.
500ml Water Bottle 6
Bottle Shower 2
Clothing Cutters 2
Heady Duty Nitrile Gloves 2
Martcare Impact Goggles 2
Guidance Leaflet 2
Tamperproof Studs 5
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