H Eye Staff Body Camera

  • Cheap Body Camera for Staff
  • 1296p HD Recording
  • 32GB Storage
  • 2” TFT LCD Screen
  • Up to 32 Megapixel Photos
  • 140° Wide Angle Lens
  • Up to 3 Minutes Pre-Record
  • Up to 8 Hours of Continuous Recording
  • Side Activation
  • 10 Meter Night Vision
  • Double Supported Rotatable Uniform Clip
  • IP66 Rating
  • H.264 Encoding
  • White Label Product
  • Includes USB cable, charger, CD and Clip
  • 12 Month Manufacturer‘s Warranty
  • Not Compatible with MAC
  • Made in China
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Staff Uniform Icon Ideal for Non-Security Staff Members
The H Eye Staff Body Camera is an interesting take on the standard body-worn camera. The first thing you will notice is that it does not have the aggressive, hardened look of most security or police models and instead opts for a friendly, professional vibe. This is because it is intended for use by staff members who may be public-facing but are not part of a security team such as receptionists, bar staff, carers, and cleaners. Despite being a cheap body camera, it has decent technical specs, capable of 1296p recording, has 32GB of storage, 10 Meter range infra-red, an IP67 Rating, and enough battery life to take up to 8 hours of continuous recording on a single charge.
Cost_Effective_Icon Cheap Body Camera Solution
The H Eye Staff Body Camera is a low-cost alternative to some of the other cameras available on the market. Coming in at less than £100, it offers a decent specification at a lower price point than many of its bigger and badder looking counterparts.
Colour_Screen_Body_Cam 2” TFT LCD Screen
The H Eye Staff Body Camera has a 2” TCT LCD screen on the back of the unit. This allows users to immediately watch footage they have just recorded or to manage their settings on the go without needing a PC to make adjustments. Access to the screen can be password protected if required.
Stablising_belt_clip Double Supported Rotatable Uniform Clip
One of the great things about the H Eye Staff Body Camera is that it comes with a two-pronged, rotatable clip that can be attached to the edges of most clothing. This means that the H Eye can be comfortably incorporated into existing uniforms without the need for harnesses or retro docks. This clip gives it a versatility that other cheap body cameras do not have.
Pre_Record_Body_Cam Up to 3 Minutes Pre-Record
The H Eye has a pre-record function that can hold up to 3 minutes in its buffer before the record button is pressed. This is very impressive for a cheap body camera but the longer the pre-record, the greater the drain on the battery, so it is important to get the right balance.
Robust_Icon Robust, Compact Unit
The H Eye Staff Body Camera is only 7.6cm long and 5.4cm wide, making it smaller than most security models. It has an IP66 rating and is robust enough to be worn for 12 hours shifts while performing manual tasks. It is also uncommon for a low-cost or cheap body camera to have over an IP65 rating.
Wide_Angle_BodyCam_Icon Wide Angle 140° Lens
The H Eye Staff Body Camera has adopted the increasingly popular 140°, middle-of-the-road approach to lens angle. By not over-extending itself, it reduces “fishbowling” while still being wide enough to capture footage on either side of the user.
Infra_Red_BodyCam 10 Meter Night Vision
The H Eye also functions well in low-light conditions due to the 6 x 850nm Infrared LEDs built into the front of the camera. This allows it to record footage in greyscale once the light level in a room drops far enough.
Whats_in_the_box Icon What’s in the box?
The H Eye Staff Body Camera ships with one body camera, one rotatable uniform clip, a charger, USB cable, and solo-dock.
Made in China Icon Made in China
Like many cheap body cameras, the H Eye we made in China. The manufacturer, Shellfilm, is well-known for the quality of its products and sells them on almost every continent.
Length 7.6cm
Width 5.4cm
Height 2.65cm
Weight 120 gram
Screen 2″ TFT LCD Screen
Video Format .MP4/ MPEG with H.264
Recording Angle Wide Angle 140 degrees
Audio High Quality Built-in Microphone.
Pre-record Up to 3 Minutes (Longer buffering will affect battery life)
Water Mark User ID, Time and date Stamp Embedded into Video.
Record LED Front Button with LED Indicator
Video Duration 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins
Activation prompt Vibration & Speaker & LED Indicators
Photo Resolutions 32M, 21M, 16M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M
Photo Format JPEG
Snap Shot Capture Photos During Video Recording
Battery Type Built-in 2300mAH Lithium- (LiCoO2)  (-20C° ~ 65C°)
Battery Life 8 hours recording at 1080P
Charging Time 180 minutes
LCD Screen 2.0 inch
Storage Capacity 32GB
IR Light 6PCS 850nm Infrared LED
Auto IR Control Support
Night Vision Up to 10 Meters
SOS LED Blue and Red Flash Light
White LED Support
Waterproof IP66
Clip High Quality Metal Clip with 360° Rotation
Password Protection Requires Password to Access to Video
Stealth Mode Support (Turn off All LED Indicators and Sounds)
Working Temperature  -20C° ~ 65C°
Storage temperature  -25C° ~ 65C°
Standard Accessories USB cable, Charger, Driver CD,  Clip

H Eye Staff Body Camera User Manual

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