PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest (KR1 SP1)

  • Carbon Fibre Body Armour
  • Home Office KR1 SP1 Certification
  • VPAM W5 Blunt Force Trauma
  • Hard Armour
  • 1.75KG (Large)
  • Hook & Loop Sides and Shoulders
  • Quality Nylon Cover
  • Twin KlickFast Docks
  • Utility Pockets
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Low-Cost Panel Replacement
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£577.20 (Incl.VAT)

Carbon Fibre Icon Carbon Fibre Body Armour
The PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest is comprised of front and back armour panels with a nylon cover. The panels are made from high-tech carbon fibre composite. Carbon Fibres are stiff and have a high tensile strength but a low strength to weight ratio.  This means that it is much lighter than Kevlar and Soft-Steel variants and as carbon fibre body armour is very rigid, it can absorb more kinetic force.
Certified_Icon Home Office KR1 SP1 Certification
The PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest is certified under the Home Office CAST 2017 system and are rated to a KR1 SP1 protection level. This means that the Home Office believes that it offers sufficient stab, spike and slash protection to be used in government agencies that give protective vests to its agents. Interestingly, PPSS care the only carbon fibre body armour manufacturers in the UK and as such are the only organisation to receive this level of certification using this material.
Blunt Force Trauma Icon VPAM W5 Blunt Force Trauma Certification
As part of its testing methodology, the Home Office takes into consideration blunt force trauma, the amount of force transfer past a protective barrier after an impact. The blunt force requirements for CAST 2017 is much higher than those for the American NIJ certifications but it does not offer a specific award for the level of blunt force Trauma. The PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest has been further certified by VPAM to a W5 standard, equal to 100 Joules of energy.
Hard Icon Hard Armour
Carbon Fibre body armour is far more rigid and hard than models using other materials such as Kevlar or Dyneema. Unlike these materials, it will not bend or conform to the body while moving but that also means that blows will not bend the armour inwards meaning that the wearer will feel far less of the impact. It is especially important with hard armours to ensure that you have selected the right size for your body shape.
Nylon Icon Quality Nylon Cover
The PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest comes with a high quality, durable Nylon Cover that holds the carbon fibre body armour panels in place. The cover is designed to be used in all weather conditions and comes with hook & loop badge patches on the Front and the Back as well as utility pockets and KlickFast docks. It is lined with a high-tech “spacer fabric” that helps circulate cool air around the body for use in warm weather.
Adjustable Body Armour Icon Hook & Loop Shoulder and Sides
While the PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest is a hard armour, the cover comes with hook & loop adjustable flaps on the sides and at the shoulders. This means that it can be adjusted to fit your body shape and allowing the armour to be more comfortable when worn for extended periods.
KlickFast Logo Icon Twin KlickFast Docks
The PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest comes with two KlickFast docks on the front of the cover. This enables you to securely attach radios, body cams and any essential equipment that has a KlickFast compatible male connector.
Pockets Icon Utility Pockets
On the front of the cover, the PPSS Black Overt Stab Vest has two utility pockets that can be used to store anything that you may need during the ship. They are strong and of a decent depth and are made from the same strong, high quality nylon as the rest of the cover.
Made in the United Kingdom Icon Made in the United Kingdom
PPSS is a British company that produces all of their carbon fibre body armour at their factory in the United Kingdom.
Warranty Icon 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty & Low-Cost Panel Replacement
The PPSS Group offers a 6-month warranty for workmanship and production issues but also offers a low cost panel replacement for inserts that are damaged on duty. They will replace any panel damaged in an incident for £50 +VAT & Shipping but you must include a police report when sending it to them.


Hand Gun Protection Not Applicable
Knife Protection KR1
Spike Protection SP1
Certification Standard UK Home Office 2017
Armour Panel Materials Carbon Fibre
Cover Materials Nylon
Weight (Size Large) 1.75 Kg (Large)
Adjustable Shoulders Yes
Adjustable Waist Yes
Hook and Loop Patches Front and Back
Radio Loops Yes
Equipment Docks 2 KlickFast Compatible Docks
Zip-Front Access Not Applicable
Warranty 6 Months

PPSS Carbon Fibre Body Armour Sizing Chart

How to wear PPSS Armour Video

PPSS Armour Demonstration Video