Elog X4 Personal Body Camera

  • One of the best personal body cameras with audio & video
  • Cost-Effective personal body camera
  • 1516p Ultra High-Quality Recording
  • 64GB Storage
  • 2” TFT LCD Screen
  • 30 Megapixel Photos
  • 140° Wide Angle Lens
  • Side Activation
  • 10 Meter Range Infrared Night Vision
  • IP65 Rating
  • H.265 Encoding
  • White Label Product
  • Includes USB cable
  • 12 Month Manufacturer‘s Warranty
  • Made in China
  • Does NOT include KlickFast Stud

If you want to use this camera with a KlickFast Harness or dock, you can purchase a KlickFast stud for Elog Body Cameras separately.

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Front_Activation_Body_Camera One the best personal body camera options
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera is an excellent choice for users who are looking for a decent spec camera for personal use without the hefty price tag of some of the more professional cameras. It can record in up to 1516p at 30fps, take 30 Megapixel Cameras though the battery is smaller than some of the alternatives so you may prefer to run it at 1080p to conserve power. It has an IP65 rating and a 140° Wide Angle Lens.
Cost_Effective_Icon Cost Effective Personal Body Camera with Audio & Video
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera occupies the middle ground between cheap widely available online cameras and professional security and police body cameras. It is less expensive than the pros but higher spec than budget devices. As a personal body camera with audio and video recording, there are few competitors that can match it at this price point.
Colour_Screen_Body_Cam 2” Colour TFT LCD Screen
On the back of the Elog X4 Personal Body Camera is a 2” Colour TFT LCD Screen which allows for the immediate playback of footage that you have just recorded. It also allows you to manage settings on the camera rather than through a camera manager. The screen can be password protected if you wish.
Robust_Icon Decent Durability
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera has an IP65 rating with its core components protected by a hardened plastic shell. Like all body cameras with screens, this is a weak point but the screen is strong enough to take everyday wear and tear without issue.
Wide_Angle_BodyCam_Icon 140° Wide Angle Lens
There is a lot of academic debate over what is the ideal angle for a body camera lens is. The wider the angle, the more that can be captured but it will also distort the footage. Most decent cameras have in recent years opted for 140° as a sort of middle ground. The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera also takes this approach.
Tamper Resistant Icon Anti-Tamper Design
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera is a sealed unit with no removeable components and is also password protected. These features help reduce the risk of possible external tampering with of either the footage or of the key components inside of the device.
Infra_Red_BodyCam Infrared Night Vision
While the Elog X4 Personal Body Camera has an advanced CMOS sensor that allows for filming in low-light environments, it also has a infrared capabilities that kick in once the light in a area reaches a low enough level. This allows for the recording of greyscale footage in near dark situations. The X3’s infrared range is up to 10 meters.
White Label Icon White Label Product
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera is a white label product which means that many big brands sell the device under a different name but they are all produced by the same manufacturer abroad. You may find the same camera online on Amazon, Ebay or other sites under a different name at higher prices.
Whats_in_the_box Icon What’s in the box?
The Elog X4 Personal Body Camera ships with one camera, a USB cable, charger, a radio loop/epaulette clip, a crocodile clip and an instruction manual.
Made in China Icon Made in China
The Elog X4 was made by a reputable Chinese company who sell their body cameras on every continent including the US and Europe.
Dimensions 7.6cm
Width 5.4cm
Height 2.7cm
Weight 130g
Recording Resolutions 1516p/30fps, 1440p/30fps,1296p/30fps, 1080p 30/fps, 720p/30fps, 480p/30fps
Lens Angle 140°
Recording Time 7 Hours/1080p, 9 Hours/720p
Pre-Record 30 Seconds
Sensor 4M CMOS
Video Format MP4
Encoding H.265 / H.264
Photo Size 30M/25M/20M/5M
Battery Size Built-In 3000mAh Battery
Charge Time Approx 4 Hours
Infrared Night Vision 10 Meters
Looped Recording Selectable
Password Protected Yes
Watermark User ID, Time & Date Embedded into Footage
Encrypted No
Storage 64GB
Screen 2 inch TFT LCD Screen
USB Cable Included Yes

Elog X4 Personal Body Camera User Manual

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