TurtleSkin Sleeve

TurtleSkin sleevesThe TurtleSkin® Sleeve offer exceptional puncture, cut and abrasion protection along the full length of the forearm. Constructed with two layers of TurtleSkin® puncture and cut resistant material, the inner layer is a medium-weight TurtleSkin® that is soft on the skin but tough on needles and sharp edges. The outer layer is coated in the very toughest TurtleSkin® material offering protection even in the harshest environments. The combination results in a rugged sleeve protecting against punctures and cuts with the highest levels of comfort.
Available in sizes Medium, Large and X-Large Size.


  • Total arm protection with dual layers of TurtleSkin’s patented ‘aramid knit’ material
  • Soft inner protective layer for complete user comfort
  • Complete flexibility by combining the Sleeve with any TurtleSkin® glove
  • Separates glove and arm protection for greater cost savings


Any environment where puncture and cut protection is required along the length of the arm and back of the hand including personnel involved in frontline security operations.