TurtleSkin® Gloves

ExplosionsTurtleSkin® gloves are the latest development in safety glove technology. Offering the highest performance against punctures, cuts and abrasions, they remain lightweight and comfortable, preserving hand dexterity and sensitivity of touch. TurtleSkin® is a patented fabric using an ‘aramid fibre’ woven more tightly than has ever been achieved before. The result is a very thin, flexible and extremely cut and puncture resistant material which far exceeds typical ‘aramid’ gloves. It is the only flexible material available which helps protect against needle stick, metal shards and glass fragments with a thickness less than 3 sheets of paper.

Reasons you should purchase TurtleSkin® Gloves:

  1. TurtleSkin® gloves are the most cost effective safety glove solution available for protection against puncture injuries.
  2. All TurtleSkin® gloves have been tested in ISO 9001 certified laboratories to EN 388 standards.
  3. Coated TurtleSkin® gloves resist abrasion 11 times longer than leather and over 40 times longer than ‘aramid’ knit of equal thickness.
  4. The thinness of the fabric TurtleSkin® uses, which is equivalent to three sheets of paper, means protection from cut and puncture is extended over the fingertips, protecting the parts of the hand most at risk during search operations.
  5. All TurtleSkin® gloves can be washed, either by hand or by machine. This extends the life of the gloves and distinguishes them from some cheaper alternatives that you can’t get wet.