The Partner Dashboard

The Partner Online dashboard provides a single interactive consolidated view for:

  • Dashboard WidgetsCurrent Patrol Information – A widget is presented for each patrol that is in progress to display live status.
  • Notifications and events – A widget is created each time pre-configured conditions occur such as panic alarm activation or if a checkpoint is missed.
  • Intelligent Sensors – A widget is displayed for each sensor that is integrated to show live metrics and information.

    The Partner dashboard presents the information you need to see, in a clear, customisable layout. Widgets on the dashboard can be rearranged, hidden, and in the case of notifications, dismissed when actioned.

Current Patrol Widget1The current patrol widget shows the overall advancement of the patrolling officer in virtual real-time with a progress bar, percentage done as well the number of tasks completed and the number of issues encountered on that patrol.

Current Patrol WidgetBy clicking on the widget, full patrol details can be viewed which shows the name of the patrolling officer, start date and time and a list of every checkpoint and task. If the checkpoint or task has been completed, it will be highlighted green and a time is displayed. Pending tasks and checkpoints will be highlighted in virtual real-time as they are completed.

notification 2Notifications are available for certain events or exceptions so that when the notification conditions are met, a dashboard widget, email notification or both are presented. The notifications available include errors in patrolling, geo-fence rule breaches, lone working functions triggered, sensor alerts and to display when an officer logs in or out of the handset.

Sensor notificationThe Intelligent sensors can detect door contact, flood (water level), smoke and gas, voltage and motion. For the temperature sensor, the current temperature is displayed on the dashboard. In addition, notifications would appear on the dashboard if any sensors were to be triggered. For the temperature sensor, if the current temperature goes above or below a pre-configured threshold, a notification is generated.