Lone Working Functionality

The Partner Online has a “full house” lone working alarm capability including a Panic Button, Drop Detection, Idleness Detection and Tilt Detection. All the alarms provide alerts to appointed control centres via email or live dashboard notifications.

All of the parameters for the lone working functions can be edited online.

Lone Worker Options

Panic Button

The user can send a panic alarm by holding down the panic button on the application, or by holding down the power button.

Tilt Detector

tiltThe Tilt Detector is activated when the angle of the handset goes over a pre-set angle for a pre-set period of time. The handset would be worn upright in a pouch on the belt. In the event that the patrolling officer fell down and stayed down, the detector would be activated.

Drop Detector

This detector sends a notification to the dashboard or an email out in the event that the handset is dropped. The sensitivity of this can be changed to suit your requirements.

Idle Detector

The idle detector is triggered if the handset is on patrol and is completely stationary for a pre-configured length of time.