The Partner Live Software

The Partner Live Software contains all the functionality of the Partner Software Professional version. Using the internet The Partner Live Software has the ability to be programmed to identify failure to comply with remote patrolling requirements immediately after the specified patrol time has expired. When programmed The Partner Live Software can e-mail exception reports at predetermined times to selected recipients.

The Partner Professional Software

The Partner Professional Software contains reporting capability in four distinct categories and includes all patrol, physical shock occurrences, personnel and incident activities. The reports range includes line by line activity details, exception reports, intervals between patrol points and consolidated reports to demonstrate performance compliance. This software is provided as part of The Partner Professional Starter Pack and additional licences may be purchased annually. There is full audit trail functionality including the exact details of each download of information. The software is password protected with the ability to limit functionality to individual operators. There is also the flexibility to select specific requirements when using the reporting function with the additional benefit to use filters to further refine information requirements. Basic reporting flexibility includes the ability to select multi locations or individual locations, specific date ranges or predefined shifts and all recorders or specific recorders. The Partner Professional Software is capable of producing 10 basic reports and more than 20 customisable reports. The Partner Professional Software is also available in a Network Version. (C033)

The Partner Network

The Partner Network edition can be run by several PCs connected to the same network to be able to access a single database stored on a server. This allows multiple computers to download and generate reports from the same database. For example, the Partner could be downloaded in the security office and the reports could be generated on any other PC on the same network.

The Partner Standard Software

The Partner Standard Software provides basic data collection and reporting functionality. This software is provided on the Partner Website free of charge and is not supported. In a case where a software disk is required there will be a small administrative charge levied. The reporting functionality is restricted to reporting activity on patrol visits and shock activity. Any upgrades may be downloaded from The Partner website free of charge. The Partner Standard Software can only accommodate a single site.