The Partner Robust Standard Starter Pack is a complete guard tour or security patrol verification system which is designed to record the place, date and time of each visit on a patrol. At the front end of the system is the Partner Robust Recorder. The recorder is touched on designated The Partner Patrol Points causing a blue LED on the recorder to light up to confirm contact. Normally at the end of a patrol or shift the recorder is downloaded onto a computer through The Partner Docking Station, which is connected to the computer using a RS232 serial port. The download process is controlled by The Partner Standard Software. The software is a SQL server database capable of line by line activity reports. The Starter Pack is on a timeless licence. The Partner Standard Software Package can be upgraded to The Partner Professional Software, which provides detailed exception reports or The Partner LIVE which has all the functionality of The Partner Professional Software plus the ability to transfer data after each patrol to a control room and automatically e-mail exception reports to designated recipients. In order to meet varied customer requirements individual components of the starter pack and supporting accessories can be purchased separately.

The Partner Robust Standard Starter Pack

The Partner Robust Recorder (Regular) | Quantity: 1

The Partner Patrol Points | Quantity: 20

The Partner Docking Station | Quantity: 1

The Partner Standard Software | Quantity: 1

Note: In cases where a computer has no RS232 Serial Port, an optional extra, The Partner Serial to USB Converter, can be purchased.