The Partner Serial-to-USB ConverterThe Partner Docking Station automatically transfers data from The Partner recorders to a PC using a 9 pin serial port. The Partner Docking Station is a serial port desktop downloader, manufactured from spun ABS. Sealed with two 10mm M3 screws and with a strip of security tape to ensure that the unit can not be opened without detection. Its rubber feet ensure that the unit stands securely on a flat surface. In cases where a computer does not have an available serial port, or if a laptop is being used, a USB to serial port adaptor is available at an additional charge.

The Partner Docking Station Specifications

The Partner Docking StationCasing Construction: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Polycarbonate, ABS and Polyurethane
Size: Length 197mm X Tube Diameter 31mm X Width 40mm
Weight: Approx 470 grams
Battery Type: Lithium (Less than 1g Lithium content)
Battery Capacity: 3600mAh
Voltage: 3.6v
Shelf Life: Approx 3.5 years
Battery Usage: Approx 1.5 – 2.5 years (Dependant on usage)
Data: Patrol recorder data, mechanical shock and The Partner Patrol Points
Capacity: 28000 records cleared after each download.
Warranty: 5 years manufacturer’s electronic components subject to no abuse and normal usage

The Partner Docking Station Safety

High Voltage: Device does NOT contain any high voltage sources or electrolytic capacitors
Hazardous Substances: Device components are RoHS Compliant and do NOT contain Lead, Mercury or Asbestos
Radio Frequency: Device does NOT emit any radio frequency and is electrically shielded from microwave and other interference
Radio-active substances: Device does NOT contain any radio active substances
Gasses: Device does NOT contain any gases
Liquid: Device does NOT contain any liquids