Accessories to support the Partner Patrol Management System include:

The Patrol Point Accessories

C017 – The Partner Patrol Point

P201 – The Partner NFC Tag

C028 – The Partner Wall Mount Point Holders (Excluding Points) – Black

C031 – The Partner Weatherproof Point Cover – Yellow (Excluding Points)

– The Partner Personnel Fobs – Black (Excluding Points)

C024 – The Partner Personnel Fobs – Yellow (Excluding Points)

The Partner AccessoriesC025 – The Partner Personnel Fobs – Red (Excluding Points)

C026 – The Partner Personnel Fobs – Blue (Excluding Points)

C027 – The Partner Personnel Fobs – Green (Excluding Points)

P001 – The Partner Leather Incident Wallet – Black (Excluding Points)

The Partner Robust Recorder Accessories

P013 – The Partner Robust Recorder Leather Hanger is attached to a belt so that the recorder may be held safely whilst a security officer is on patrol

P032 – The Partner 24″ Chain with leather loop and metal clip is normally used in conjunction with The Partner Recorder Leather Holster to ensure The Partner Robust Recorder Leather is not misplaced or dropped accidentally

The Partner Docking Station Accessories

P124 – The Partner USB Adaptor is used when The Partner Docking Station is to be connected to a computer that does not have an RS232 serial port