The Partner Patrol System – Patrol Solutions designed exceed expectations

The Partner Patrol Management Solution is a flexible and adaptive proof of location and activity verification system which is designed to record the place, date and time of each visit undertaken by a security officer or cleaning/maintenance staff, as well as recording incidents and other verification activities.

The desire by customers to receive frontline security activity information instantly, whenever and wherever they want, has changed the way Interconnective has approached the design of our new series of patrol solutions. Customers, if necessary, want communicate directly with frontline officers as well as having photographic details and in some cases a real time video view of incidents. There are also some customers who prefer the robustness of our traditional standalone recorders. Lone worker regulations require devices to signal if the frontline security officer becomes incapacitated for any reason. Some of our customers wanted a web based software package; some wanted a server solution whilst others wanted a package with both solutions

With the above in mind our research and development team started work and designed solutions to meet the expectations of our customers. Encapsulating the desire of some our customers to remain with the traditional recorders, the Robust and Utility, but have patrol data rapidly available, the team designed The Partner Tuff which sends data in real-time. If a patrol is not completed in a specified time an alarm notifies the control room of a problem.