Keep track of employee safety and location

hubThe StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud based monitoring hub which accurately locates your lone workers on a map and provides you with real-time updates on their movements.

If one of your employees fails to check-in safely after a lone working session or raises an alert, a notification will pop up on screen as well as via SMS text and email allowing you locate them and get help straight away.

The Hub also keeps an accurate log and allows you to report on previous lone worker sessions and alerts.

Monitor and respond to alerts

Depending on the size of your team and your resources you can choose to monitor activity in the Hub in house or outsource to one of our professional 24/7 monitoring and response partners. You can also combine both options to structure a bespoke service that meets your needs.


Monitoring your employees in house via the StaySafe Hub is easy, low cost and eliminates the need for paper trails and routine check-in calls. The flexibility of the hub allows you to decide how you manage your employees and alert responses.


We also work alongside professional monitoring partners to offer round the clock monitoring and response services for lone worker emergencies. Available 24/7, external monitoring is a great solution for those with minimal in-house resource, larger organisations or those who operate throughout the night.