Solaris Duo Li-ion

Solaris Duo Li-ionThe most powerful battery powered floodlight in the world. The Solaris Duo offers a real alternative to generator
powered lights, offering a very high light output up to 32,000 lumens. It is lightweight and all parts are housed in an
unbreakable plastic case. It has wheels and pull-up handle for easy transportation. The Duo has telescopic poles
reaching to 1.9 metres and is stable due to the retractable stability legs.

Key Features

• 25 year guarantee on the case
• Sturdy stackable case
• Wheels and integrated pull up handle
• Comfortable rubber coated anti-slip handle
• All parts are housed inside the IP67 rated case
• Vacuum moulded fitting for safe storage of parts
• High visibility locking latches for easy setup
• Battery status indicator
• Retractable high visibility stability feet
• Carbon fibre telescopic poles