Emergency Rechargeable LED Hazard Lights

oryg-fourcolours-1-copyThe PULSAR Pro is a multi-mode, rechargeable LED warning lights; designed for traffic control, signalling, hazard awareness, zone demarcations and vehicle safety. Ideal for professional applications, including the Police, Fire and Highway Services. These small but robust units are manufactured in shock resistant plastic housing, are waterproof (up to 10 metres) and virtually indestructible (withstanding most vehicle weights if crushed). Built in magnets allow attachment to vehicles or any metal surfaces.

Key Features

• Rechargeable Li-ion hazard warning light
• Visible from over 1 Kilometre 360°
• 360° Illumination
• 10 Light modes
• Operates up to 60hrs
• Waterproof (IP65)
• Floats in water
• Crushproof (3 tonnes)
• White torch setting
• Millicandela (MCD) Red: 7,000, Yellow: 7,500, Blue: 6,000 Green: 11,000, White Flood: 18,000
• Available in yellow, green, red, blue and white