Security Gear

Interconnective has designed its Security Gear to provide ­flexibility to security professionals when dealing with critical situations, in either preventative mode or reacting to an incident. We have configured our Securitygear to be built from a single unit to a fully ­edged operational kit. Our Securitygear equipment range includes emergency lighting, floodlights, rechargeable hazard lights, barrier tape, TurtleSkin search gloves, 30W megaphones, hi-viz vests, first-aid kits, emergency first aid training, fire training, pocket and occurrence log books, equipment storage boxes, Adams AD11-V metal detector, SGM-05 under vehicle search mirror, folding tables, deep search trays, fabric screens and the M7R Led Lenser torch. In addition, we provide links to our website where provide alternative options. As with all our other successful products, Securitygear has been designed through customer demand and feedback.