Zepcam T1 Live Bullet Camera, Recorder and Live Module

Zepcam and Interconnective exhibited at The Security & Policing Event in the Farnborough UK. Security & Policing is UK’s premier security and law enforcement event.

Since its inception over 30 years ago Security & Policing has provided a platform for professionals from the UK and across the world to engage with the very highest level of security expertise. The event continuously develops in size and scope and exists to provide the level of industry engagement needed to enable UK Government to procure and deliver its national security priorities.

The event is aimed at police, law enforcement and security professionals who are tasked with security, civil protection and National Resilience. Security & Policing showcases world leading products and services, taking advantage of the unique opportunity to bring together people with operational needs with companies that have the relevant solutions, all within a secure environment.

The event enables exhibitors to display products which would be too sensitive to show in a more open environment. Milipol focuses on a wide range of sectors including public security, civil defence, industrial security, anti-terrorism and transport security.

Zepcam and Interconnctive will show various products:

  • 3G & 4G streaming Body Worn Video solution
  • New high end WDR camera for the T1 system
  • Zepcam solutions for automotive video streaming
  • Zepcam Critical Communications box, a standalone solution to create an instant Wi-FI network