2014 was a year of transition and as such was a difficult year, especially in overrunning M&A activity. The transition related to a significant shift into smarter products. The two mature developed products were significant contributors to the Interconnective Security Products division namely, The Partner Patrol System 38.9% (2012 – 27.9%) and Jack Ellis Body Protection 42.5% (2012 – 34.5%). Our newly launched SecurityGear Website contributed 12.14% to turnover. Disappointingly, the smart products contributed 6.46% to turnover.

The Partner TuffInterconnective Security Products introduced new product lines as well as improved product offerings on our existing range. New products included The Partner Tuff, a smartphone patrol system using Near Field Communications (NFC). This new product introduction required the development of new online and backend server capabilities. Another introduction to The Partner Range was The Partner Bridge which facilitates the uploading of The Partner Robust Recorders onto the online platform.

Our newly launched webstore has been developed to sell traditional security equipment online. The SecurityGear range includes metal detectors, under and over vehicle search mirrors as well as over 200 other basic security products.

We introduced a range of Motorola Two Way digital radios including the Phonak range of micro earpieces and well as an all in one Body Worn Video System (BWVS) the Global F1 Pro. Our decision to launch the F1 Pro was to provide a cost effective solution for frontline security personnel. Our Zepcam range does not have an All in One BWVS. Zepcam introduced 4G streaming as well as a compact Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera.

We dropped the rapid deployment alarm the Xumo due to performance issues.

The Logue Corporate M&A business, a trading entity of Interconnective Limited, did not complete any acquisitions this year but has five deals expected to complete in 2015.

Logue Corporate produces the multi award winning security industry news website, Infologue.com, which hosts the well known list of the Top 20 largest UK security services companies. In 2014 Infologue.com extended its list to the Infologue.com Top 30 largest security service companies.

Interconnective Ltd, changed its financial year end from December to June with effect from 2014. This meant that the company had an 18 month trading period. Interconnective was once again profitable and for the first six months of the 2014/15 period, trading exceeded expectations.