5 Defences in 1 Armour

Body Armour is life saving equipment requiring a duty of care in the selection thereof of protection against modern day violent threats. HOSDB certified Jack Ellis Body Protection has a holistic approach to protecting frontline personnel against violent attacks. We also believe in dispelling the myth in regard to bullet-proof, stab proof, needle proof and spike proof vests in that there is no such product that can be 100% against violent attacks. Our philosophy is that modern body armour should provide defence to the attack threat of knife, needle & spike, ballistic, shrapnel (including flying glass) and blunt trauma (including being hit with pipes and other hard objects and being kicked). This philosophy is corroborated in the National Crime Statistics revealing that some form of weapon, including blunt objects, knives, needles, screwdrivers, firearms and kicking were used in 24% of all reported violent incidents in England & Wales.

Jack Ellis Zip-FrontHOSDB certified Jack Ellis Body Armour has been developed using the latest technology and materials to provide defence from physical and violent attacks. Easy to wear and lightweight and surprisingly thin, HOSDB certified Jack Ellis Body Armour provides 5 defences in a single armour, offering protection from ballistic, stab and needle or spike attacks, grenade blast fragments and blunt trauma, such as kicks or blows to the torso or attack from a blunt object.. The protective gear utilises an advanced material composite of ultra-high-tensile fibres and thermoplastic. While other soft armour materials require moisture to be kept out by waterproof covers that can be accidentally perforated, the composite of the HOSDB certified Jack Ellis vests removes the need for this, ensuring the armour properties of the material are unaffected by high humidity or wet conditions.