Jack Ellis Body Protection — Cutting Edge Smart Armour

Body Armour is life saving equipment requiring a duty of care in the selection of protection against modern day violent threats. Jack Ellis Body Protection has a holistic approach to protecting frontline personnel against violent attacks. Our philosophy is that modern body armour should provide defence to the attack threat of knife, needle & spike, ballistic, shrapnel (including flying glass) and blunt trauma (including being hit with pipes and other hard objects and being kicked). This philosophy is corroborated in the National Crime Statistics revealing that some form of weapon, including blunt objects, knives, needles, screwdrivers, firearms and kicking were used in a significant amount of all reported violent incidents.

Jack Ellis Body Protection — 5 Defences in 1 Armour

Jack Ellis Body Protection has been developed using the latest technology and materials to provide a smart defence from physical and violent attacks. Easy to wear and lightweight and surprisingly thin, Jack Ellis Body Protection provides 5 defences in a single armour, offering protection from ballistic, stab and needle or spike attacks, grenade blast fragments and blunt trauma, such as kicks or blows to the torso or attack from a blunt object. Jack Ellis Body Protection utilises “smart armour” which is an advanced material composite of ultra-high-tensile fibres and thermoplastic, providing superior protection. The unique properties of the smart armour dissipate the energy of an attack resulting in superior protection including increased defence against blunt trauma. Unlike others vests utilising standard armour solutions the Jack Ellis vest continues to provide resistance to ballistic and stab threats even when wet.

Jack Ellis Body Protection — Exceeds Home Office and ISO Standards – 10 Year Armour Warranty

Jack Ellis Body Protection vests have undergone a series of qualifications and certification tests to meet specific body armour standards of police and military users. All Jack Ellis Body Protection vests are certified to the latest Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) standards (2007). Jack Ellis Body Protection exceeds these standards which are regarded as the minimum acceptable performance standard for body armour in the UK. The Jack Ellis Body Protection vest is available in the following HOSDB 2007 standards: HG1, KR1, SP1 – HG2, KR2, SP2 and HG2, KR1, SP1. All vests are manufactured in the UK in a UKAS accredited ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility. Our manufacturer’s warranty on the life of the armour pack is 10 (Ten) years which is double the industry standard warranty.

Jack Ellis Body Protection — A Synergy of Protection, Comfort and Flexible Design

Jack Ellis Armoured Vests are available in a variety of covert and overt styles. Jack Ellis offers the choice between tabard and zip front style overt vests and additionally offers a wider range of industry specific vests, such as the Jack Ellis Paramedic Vest and the Jack Ellis Enforcement Vest, as well as a bespoke design service which enables individual needs to be met. Our flexible UK based manufacturing facility can add additional features to the armour such as specialised standard or personalised Velcro chest badges, such as ‘Security’ or ‘Trading Standards’, reflective strips, pockets, groin or collar protection and covers. The body side of the vests utilises a 3D spacer fabric which acts as a heat management system to give improved wear and comfort. The anatomical design offers wide upper torso body coverage, along with close-fit, elasticised adjustable shoulder and waistbands fitted with Velcro closures.