Ultra Sensitive Metal Detectors – AD2300

Adams AD2300The Ultra Sensitive AD2300 Adams hand held metal detectors features high speed and high definition technologies with the simplicity of a single push button operation. This makes the AD2300 ideal for any application that requires an accurate high speed search capability with ease of use. This metal detector has low battery consumption with no battery draw on standby. Alarm and reset ready for a new target in 0.1 seconds. This model has precision accuracy in locating even extremely small masses of all metals: 0.03 grams. Alarm indication is by means of piezo audio alarm and a high intensity LED.

Operating at a low energy frequency of 20 Khz all Adams hand held metal detectors use Linear Detection Technology (LDT) as the detection system. Developed in the Adams Electronics Incorporated research facility, Linear Detection Technology (LDT) produces a clean signal free from transient noise or unsafe high energy, yet enables a detection sensitivity that can detect even the tiniest fragments of metal – accurately and safely.

The intelligent metal detector indicates the size of the metal object by indicating a small target with a short pulse and a large target with a long pulse. This metal detector has been medically tested and approved with no risk to persons with pacemakers. In addition there is no interference to magnetic recorded material. The battery is inserted “cartridge” style which has no wires or connectors for greater reliability and no false alarms. The Full Battery Management System is in operation as follows; Low voltage is signalled in two stages: Yellow LED lights warning the user that the battery will need replacing or recharging in the near future. When the battery is exhausted a continuous audio and a red and yellow visual alarm signal is produced.

AD2300 Specifications

Product Description: Wand Style Metal Detector Dimensions: Length: 360mm; Width: 105mm (probe); Body 55mm; Height: 35mm Weight: 290grms Sensitivity: Target Size better than 0.03grms Operating Temperature: -200 to +650C Storage Temperature: -300 to +800C Humidity: 98% Ingress Protection: IP64 (IEC 529) (Waterproofing & environmental protection) Power Consumption: Standby Current: Nil, Active Mode Current (No detection): Less than 1mA and Alarm Mode Current (metal detected): .5mA Operating Time: 360 hours continuous at +25C (alkaline battery), or 100 hours continuous at +25C (rechargeable battery single charge) Battery: 9V block battery MN1604, 6LR61 or equivalent alkaline disposable or rechargeable Warranty: 3 Years parts and labour Tested and approved to EEC ENS008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions. Conforms to international standards IEC, NILEC of FCC, FAA.