Metal Detector with Proximity Sensing

Adams Metal Detector ADPS01 ProximityThe ADPS01 is a new concept hand held metal detector (HHMD). Its technology and performance is primarily designed for general search applications (frontline security, airport security, high throughput public events etc.) The detector’s new innovative development in metal detection technology is with the addition of a proximity sensor that allows the user (and supervisors) the ability of continuously observing, by means of a blue indicator LED, that the detector is at the correct distance from the subject being screened to enable the metal detection sensor technology to detect all required items on the person. This new technology reduces the amount of error by the operator when carrying out a search procedure by having the detectors search head too far away from the person being screened. This new detector is very simple to use. The ADPS01 is fully automatic and requires no adjustments for use. Once activated with the single push button operation, the detectors blue colored LED indicator illuminates until the detector is held up to the person being screened, the blue indicator LED will then turn off showing the operator that the detector is now at the correct distance on the person. If during the search procedure the operator moves the HHMD too far away from the person being screened the Blue indicator LED will re-illuminate telling the operator to move the detector back to the correct distance.

The specifications are identical in all other material aspects as set out on in the last page of this brochure, Operating at a low energy frequency of 20 Khz all Adams hand held metal detectors use Linear Detection Technology (LDT) as the detection system. Developed in the Adams Electronics Incorporated research facility, Linear Detection Technology (LDT) produces a clean signal free from transient noise or unsafe high energy, yet enables a detection sensitivity that can detect even the tiniest fragments of metal – accurately and safely.

All the metal detectors in the general purpose range are medically tested and approved, providing no risks to pregnant women or persons with pacemakers, or any interference to magnetic recorded material. Additionally, the unit is protected again environmental conditions and waterproofing to IP64 (lEC 529). It has been tested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1 Radiated emissions. Conforms to international standards: CE mark, lEC, NILEC of FCC, FAA.

Product Specifications

Product Description: Wand Style General Purpose Metal Detector Dimensions: Length: 362mm; Width: 55mm; Height: 30mm; Weight: 262g (including battery) Sensitivity: Target size AD10-2 down to 0.1grms Operating temperature: -20C to +65C. Storage temperature: -30C to +80C Humidity: 98% Operational Frequency: 20 KHz Audio Frequency: 3.4 KHz Quiescent current: 3mA Alarm current: 6mA (Higher alarm current for detectors with “Vibration Alert” mode) Alarm indication: Blue LED – Piezo audio alarm and High intensity LED