Hands Free Metal Detector – MIT

The MIT hands free Adams Metal Detectors have become a serious choice for professionals involved in the pat down search of personnel. The operator can detect standard weapons (small knives, guns etc) yet The MIT has extra sensitivity to detect metal objects as small as a book staple, or even smaller. The MIT is ergonomic and comfortable enough to be worn continuously throughout a shift and is a flexible fit. Due to the unit’s hands free operation and covert abilities (silent vibrating alarm), The MIT makes screening simple, fast, safe and more efficient. With the special flexible search head, operators can bend their hands or clench a fist comfortably while using The MIT, leaving hands and fingers completely free to simultaneously perform other tasks.

Operating at a low energy frequency of 20 Khz all Adams hands free metal detectors use Linear Detection Technology (LDT) as the detection system. Developed in the Adams Electronics Incorporated research facility, Linear Detection Technology (LDT) produces a clean signal free from transient noise or unsafe high energy, yet enables a detection sensitivity that can detect even the tiniest fragments of metal – accurately and safely.

Hands Free Metal Detector Specifications

Adams Mitt Handsfree Metal Detector Construction: Neoprene – Velcro Dimensions: Medium or Large, standard generic size Weight: 5.2oz (149g), including battery Sensitivity: Target Size 0.5 grams Controls: Fully Automatic – No Sensitivity Adjustment Required Operating Temperature: -20C to +65C Storage Temperature: -30C to +80C Humidity: 98%