Adams Metal Detectors

Adams Metal Detectors are a range of innovative, high-quality, professional metal detection solutions, which are firmly positioned internationally as the metal detection sector market leader. All metal detectors are manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2000 UK based facility. Adams are well known for their extensive research, development and innovation in the metal detection field.

The innovative hands free Mit has become a serious metal detector choice for professionals involved in the pat down search of personnel. The operator can detect standard weapons (small knives, guns etc) yet The Mit has extra sensitivity to detect metal objects as small as a book staple, or even smaller. The Mit is ergonomic and comfortable enough to be worn continuously throughout a shift and is a flexible fit.

The high performing ER3000 “Deep Tissue” Adams metal detector has been specifically designed for the detection and location of tiny foreign metal objects that have been concealed or ingested deep within the skin tissue or body cavities. With a target size of better than 0.03 grams detection mass, the ER3000 has the ability to detect metal fragments that are concealed or buried deep within the skin tissue, making the ER3000 a major step forward in the detection of weapons and contraband concealed within the body cavities.

Also included in the range of Adams Metal detectors are the ultra sensitive AD2300 and AD2600S. The fully automatic AD2300 wand style metal detector features high speed and high definition technologies with the simplicity of a single push button operation. This model has precision accuracy in locating even extremely small masses of all metals of up to 0.03 grams detection mass. The AD2600S features “Linear Detection Technology”. This detector has the highest sensitivity in the range. The AD2600S is now used for the detection of extremely small masses of metal that have been ingested or concealed in body cavities with a target of up to 0.03 grams detection mass.

Completing the Adams range are the AD series of general metal detectors, the AD10-2 Adams general-purpose hand held metal detector has a target range to 0.1 grams detection mass. Two operational variations the AD 11-2 and 11-V with additional features and improved detection capabilities with a target range of better than 0.1 grams detection mass.